Team Facepull, formed in July of 2014, is a focused raid team that believes raiding should be a fulfilling endeavor with challenges that reward teamwork, patience, and focus. This mindset is the foundation of Facepull, showing in our preparation, execution, and camaraderie.

We set realistic goals that are tailored to our team’s capabilities with emphasis on challenging the team at a reasonable pace, never pushing progression so fast that team members become overly frustrated and burned out, but never so slow as to stagnate. We change and adapt as needed to meet greater challenges when the time is right. At a minimum we feel that AOTC (Ahead of the Curve) should be attained each tier.

We look for good attendance, above average performance, and a team friendly attitude. We expect our raiders to know their class mechanics, fight execution, and how their class can better execute the fight! We welcome raiders who demonstrate that they can improve and correct their mistakes. Above all, we look for raiders that are a good personality-fit for the team.

If you think Facepull would be a good choice for you, please contact us or fill out our application below. With a few exceptions, most roles/classes will be considered so don’t be afraid to apply.

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